2008/6/14 Alan Cox <alan lxorguk ukuu org uk>:
> I don't know if the use of KOI8R/RU and shift-jis is still "legitimate".
> I guess you would have to ask the users. I also don't know what the
> situation is for usage patterns on non-Linux systems. Sun have always been
> on the ball with unicode but some other vendors are a bit more
> conservative.
Sarcasm aside, if people are using Shift-JIS/KOI8R/RU in translations,
those strings WILL get fed into UTF-8 string functions and stuff will
break. We use UTF-8 here, in GNOME-land, right?

> Note; I am all for the US locale using pretty quotes. I'm just strongly
> opposed to doing it against the specifications and praying it works out.
> Particularly when its probably a perl one liner to generate en_US.utf-8
> locale files.
Wrong. "Pretty quotes" cannot be distinguished from straight quotes
without language context. Consider some code that, e.g., generates XML
output and requires straight quotes. Such a script would break that.
(We see it already with Wordpress butchering people's pasted code.)
Writing a PERL one-liner to convert pretty quotes to straight quotes
(i.e. the other way) is doable though. But I don't see the point other
than to satisfy your obsession with obsolete character sets from the

If someone could actually speak out and say what it breaks, we could
actually get somewhere with this debate. So far I hear no credible

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