Re: Proposed module: conduit


Nice work with theme colors :) Also I would like to say I like that
gedit style tips when creating sync in advanced GUI, it would really
help a new user a lot. However, However, I still insist that Conduit
would rock if it would have quick sync wizard. I know lot of geeks
loath wizards, but it would be still the best way for common user to
configure sync without much hassle.


> This has now been fixed [1] in my devel branch [2], and should find its
> way to trunk soon. Conduit now respects your theme (and theme changes),
> and uses subtle themed gradients in the major UI elements.
> A lot of plumbing has been completed that makes it easier to apply these
> themed attributes to the GUI, and I encourage those who are interested
> in making it look prettier to check out the get_style_properties [3]
> function in the appropriate widgets.
> John
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] see conduit/gtkui/ (I would link to it but loggerhead on
> bzr seems broken)

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