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From Li Yuan regarding a11y:

"Accessibility is a problem for conduit. The GUI is simple, but the left tree view doesn't support keyboard navigation well. Also one has to drag some items to the right "sync area", there is no way to do this by keyboard. And the "sync area" is not accessible. I suspect accessibility work is need by goocanvas.



On Jul 30, 2008, at 6:44 AM, Murray Cumming wrote:

On Tue, 2008-07-29 at 23:49 +1200, John Stowers wrote:
So with what sites can I easily sync my data (from what desktop

The following is a partial list of non-pim sync functionality

I just tried Conduit (version 0.3.6 in Ubuntu Hardy) and I don't think
it's at all easy. I failed to figure out how to upload (or sync) photos
from a local folder to flickr. I did manage to drag rectangles for
flickr and a folder to the canvas.

It seems roughly comparable to using the gstreamer pipeline editor
instead of using Totem. We can't possibly present this as an application
for users. Major -1 from me.

I don't like assistants (wizards) but I guess that this would be better
with an additional assistant, guiding people through the choices
somehow. For instance:

Page 1:
Synchronize to web or to device:

[] Website
[] Palm Pilot
[] Windows CE Device
[] Nokia Internet Tablet
[] Mobile Phone

Page 2 (Website):

Choose Folder.

Synchronize this folder to:

[] Flickr
[] Picasa

[] YouTube
[] Google Video

General Files:

== Photos ==
FSpot/eye of gnome/nautilus/folder <-->
 * Flickr
 * Picasa
 * SmugMug
 * ShutterFly
 * Facebook
 * iPod Phots

== Videos ==
totem/nautilus/folder -->
 * Youtube
 * iPod Video
 * nxxx

== Files ==
* file/folder <--> file/folder
* S3 support (eta: 1 week)
* Google Documents

== Notes ==
Tomboy Notes <-->
* Backpack Notes
* File/Folder

== Misc ==
* RSS feed enclosures
* Desktop settings (GConf)

There is also network sync functionality that allows two PCs to sync
peer to peer any of the above listed data.

I have not gone into the other sync permutations possible, and I am
certain I have left some items out.

murrayc murrayc com

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