Re: New svn module: gnome-sound-theme

mmh, maybe my mail was a little bit too sarcastic...

let's try again, seriously this time.

On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 14:36 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Sandy:
> > Huh?  Isn't FLAC a *compressed* format?  Lossless != uncompressed.
> Sorry, my confusion.  The current Sound Theme spec only has supported
> sound file formats for uncompressed and compressed formats.
> I think most people who deal with audio care more about lossy versus
> lossless formats than whether the data is compressed or not.  Most
> people would probably prefer compressed as a default due to the large
> size of audio files.
> I think the spec should, at the very least, include FLAC as the
> recommended compressed lossless format and OGG/Vorbs as the
> recommended compressed lossy format.

I completely agree; the lossless/lossy distinction is far more important
than the compressed/uncompressed one.

> If people think an uncompressed lossless format has any value, then it 
> we should consider a better format than WAV, which has a 4 GB filesize
> limitation, while Sony Media WAV 64 (W64) allows for longer recording
> times.

I have my share of doubts that we're going to hit the 4GB limit for the
sound effects of a theme. 4GB of 44.1 kHz WAV is basically 100 minutes
of sound - I don't plan to listen to a sample for that kind of duration
when I get an error message, or when I log in.

we might phase out WAV and use something new, sure, but not for the file
size limit - in the sound theme spec context, obviously.


Emmanuele Bassi,

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