New svn module: gnome-sound-theme

I've just committed a new module on svn: gnome-sound-theme[1]

It's just an even sound theme, based on new fd.o Sound Theme Spec[2],
reusing some sounds currently stored in gnome-audio module (converted
from wav to ogg) and using a brave autotool framework.

Of course could be interesting include it in GNOME Desktop (yes, I know
the new modules period is out), but there are some issues:
      * by now there are only 8 sounds, I think we could like to have
      * I've no idea about license and credit for current sound files
      * I don't have _any_ ability to create new sound files
      * I don't have access to so I'm not good as
      * I'm going to vacation until September :-)

Volunteers? The module infrastructure seems good to me, you just have to
create a new (stereo) ogg sound file, put it with the proper name (see
naming spec) in the proper directory[3], and add it to

Cheers, Luca.

[3] note that "support" directory merges sounds in "Actions" and "Input"
contexts defined by naming spec, due to contexts defined in theming spec

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