Re: New svn module: gnome-sound-theme

Il giorno sab, 09/08/2008 alle 20.00 +0100, Alexander Jones ha scritto:
> Why did you convert them to a lossy format? Convert losslessly FLAC if
> you need to, but what was wrong with the uncompressed WAV files?

It's uncompressed, IMHO ;-)

>From Sound Theme Spec:

        The mandatory supported sound file formats are WAV/PCM 8-48kHz,
        8/16bits, and OGG/Vorbis. WAV at 48kHz/Stereo is the recommended
        uncompressed format, and OGG/Vorbis is the recommended
        compressed format. The sample must be normalized, in order to be
        mixed down nicely with a suitable average replay level.

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