Re: New svn module: gnome-sound-theme


We should update our spec so that FLAC is the recommended uncompressed
format.  It is superior from a technology standpoint, saves disk space,
and comes from the free software community (WAV was written by IBM and
Microsoft and is based on the older IFF format from Commodore-Amiga).

We should work harder to replace the legacy WAV format with newer, more
exciting technologies that are available from the free software

        The mandatory supported sound file formats are WAV/PCM 8-48kHz,
        8/16bits, and OGG/Vorbis. WAV at 48kHz/Stereo is the recommended
        uncompressed format, and OGG/Vorbis is the recommended
        compressed format. The sample must be normalized, in order to be
        mixed down nicely with a suitable average replay level.

You should probably define what you mean by "normalized".  My
understanding of what normalized means is that you ensure that the
maximum volume is at a particular level.  However, this says nothing
about the average volume level, since a relatively low-volume clip can
have a single moment with an unusually high volume, and therefore not
be adjusted much by normalization.


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