Re: a11y module proposal: MouseTweaks (i.e.: software click)

On 26.09.2007 17:43, Gerd Kohlberger wrote:
Le mardi 25 septembre 2007, à 17:27 +0200, Francesco Fumanti a écrit :

After informally proposing onboard and mousetweaks for integration
into GNOME on the gnome  accessibility mailing list, here is a somewhat
more formal request for the integration of MouseTweaks into GNOME:

Disclaimer: I base my comments entirely on what I saw on the project
page in launchpad. If  that's not up to date or something I'm
probably way off in a number of ways.

From the screenshots posted there I get the impression that
a) it needs a HIG review or two
b) most (all?) of the settings should be integrated in the existingcontrol center dialogs.

I'm not really clued in on a11y topics, so I have a hard time figuring
out  what some of the settings would be used for, or even deciding
whether they make sense  at all, but I absolutely believe that adding
yet another keyboard/a11y configuration dialog is out of the question
in times when we are trying to reduce the number of capplets.


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