Re: a11y module proposal: MouseTweaks (i.e.: software click)

Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi,
> Le mardi 25 septembre 2007, à 17:27 +0200, Francesco Fumanti a écrit :
>> Hello, 
>> After informally proposing onboard and mousetweaks for integration into GNOME on the gnome accessibility mailing list, here is a somewhat more formal request for the integration of MouseTweaks into GNOME: 
> Looks interesting. I guess the a11y meeting at the summit will also be a
> place for discussion about this?
>> 7 Miscellaneous: 
>>   * Gerd Kohlberger implemented MouseTweaks and he offered in a reply to the gnome-accessibility-devel list, to be ready to discuss the integration of MouseTweaks into GNOME: 
>>   * It would also be interesting to have the the dwell fonctionality also available under GDM. (In fact, on my installation, I custom configured the gesture accessibility feature of GDM to start MouseTweaks in dwell mode and it works (at least on my installation). 
>>   * I am not a maintainer of any software for any distribution (currently I would not have the necessary knowledge), but I am willing to help.
> Unfortunately, only the maintainer of a module can propose it for
> inclusion. If I understood right, Gerd is the maintainer, so... Gerd,
> what do you think? :-)
> See for all the
> details.

I think it's great :) and I support the proposal. After looking at the details I've added
mousetweaks to the proposed modules ( But as
Francesco mentioned the project is currently hosted on launchpad and I guess it has to be moved to
the gnome svn before it can be considered for inclusion.

Are there any infos on how to request svn and bugzilla access and set everything up?


> Thanks,
> Vincent

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