Re: Vinagre - VNC Client

Hi Jonh,

Le mardi 25 septembre 2007, à 09:35 -0300, Jonh Wendell a écrit :
> Hi, folks.
> As some of you must know, i have started developing Vinagre [1], a VNC
> client for the GNOME Desktop.
> It's still in development, but usable at its 0.3 version.
> It is based on gtk-vnc widget [2], developed and maintained mainly by
> Red Hat developers Anthony Liguori and Daniel Berrange, and some patches
> from me.
> Vinagre's goal is to replace completely the tsclient project [3], by
> supporting VNC, RDP, SSH and NX protocols, becoming then a generic
> 'Remote Desktop Viewer' application.
> I'd like to receive some comments from you, GNOME hackers, about
> Vinagre, its goal, its UI, its bugs, and so on.
> Do you think i should propose Vinagre for 2.20?

Heh. It looks to me like you're proposing it with this mail :-) And this
is one of the best way to get feedback.

I've always found weird to have vino but no client in GNOME, so it makes
perfect sense to have such an application in the desktop, IMHO.

If you'd like to confirm the proposal, just add vinagre to the list of
proposed modules. For details, see



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