Re: Vinagre - VNC Client

Hi John,

> Do you think i should propose Vinagre for 2.20?

Well, i guess that's a bit late for 2.20, but we might talk for 2.22
inclusion :).

I think vinagre is a bit like gnome-scan, but with less unstable
dependencies. I suggest there is too choices for you : either be
included as module, or just follow Gnome schedule and get inclulded in

There were a subject for a "Gnome beta distro" including such fresh
piece of software. I can recall the name. I think that vinagre,
gnome-scan and other should land into that instead of decrease Gnome

Anyway, congratulation for Vinagre, it's a rocking project !

My 2 cents,

E Ultre�!

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