Re: GNOME Panel++


I do fully agree with you. I have at least 4 apps having both launcher
+taskbar+notification icon : Evolution, liferea, empathy (yes, it's a
service, but) and xchat-gnome. This is a waste of panel space !

I'm wondering when would this be merged !? I have three times the same 4
informations ! The worst thing about that is that liferea, empathy and
xchat-gnome allow to use notification area as "minimize" !

We should really push toward a unificationn of
launcher/notification/task like in NeXTStep. However, i'm wondering if
this is Topaz or not. See Brian and I braindumps on ToPaZ : .

So yes Gnome might end with a dock, very similar to NeXTStep and its
children GNUStep, Mac OS X and such. It's up to us to make it better.
(see ToPaZ braindump).

Kind Regards,
E Ultre�!

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