Vinagre - VNC Client

Hi, folks.

As some of you must know, i have started developing Vinagre [1], a VNC
client for the GNOME Desktop.

It's still in development, but usable at its 0.3 version.

It is based on gtk-vnc widget [2], developed and maintained mainly by
Red Hat developers Anthony Liguori and Daniel Berrange, and some patches
from me.

Vinagre's goal is to replace completely the tsclient project [3], by
supporting VNC, RDP, SSH and NX protocols, becoming then a generic
'Remote Desktop Viewer' application.

I'd like to receive some comments from you, GNOME hackers, about
Vinagre, its goal, its UI, its bugs, and so on.

Do you think i should propose Vinagre for 2.20?

Ah, btw, it's already using GNOME resources, as bugzilla, ftp, svn.

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

Jonh Wendell
jonh wendell gmail com (MSN / Google Talk)

Linux User #114432

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