Re: Proposing Gimmie applet for 2.22 (was GNOME Panel++)

Hi Alex,

Le lundi 24 septembre 2007, à 12:27 -0700, Alex Graveley a écrit :
> Hi,
> The Gimmie applet has been around for some time.  Gimmie is a tab-like
> replacement for the main Panel menubar, providing logical access to
> the concepts of the desktop[1].


> So I'd like to gauge the interest in having the Gimmie applet included
> as part of GNOME.  Either as part of the main suite or in an add-on
> suite.

Can you add Gimmie to the list of proposed modules? If you're not sure
it's suitable for the desktop suite, but can't think of a better place,
just add it to the list of proposed modules for the desktop and add a
note for now.

See for all the


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