Re: New clock applet for 2.22

On 9/24/07, Diego Escalante Urrelo <diegoe gnome org> wrote:

> Speaking of UI, I have a little suggestion (based on the mockup on Fedora wiki).
> I see that below the world map there's a row that has a clock, the
> zone and the weather, it's really cool but I can imagine it filling a
> 1024x768 screen pretty quickly. I would like to suggest that this rows
> are self-aware enough to know if screen space is too short then change
> from the "big" expanded view of the mockup to a more table like one
> (with the cool graphics and stuff but with fonts a lot smaller).

Yeah, the overall size of the thing is a concern.  Maybe that is a
reason why the
Novell code has options to turn the map and the location list off,
Calvin, have you had complaints about the popup being too large ?

Btw, the image on the Fedora wiki is not a mockup, it is a screenshot of the
applet in action. The wiki page has pointers to all the patches, so
you can try it out easily.

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