Re: GNOME Panel++

Gimmie is very interesting and user friendly. I've always felt that the
Gnome panel has been a little bare. SLED was a step in the right
direction, but it seems that very few people have been willing to use
it. (Actually, isn't Novell the only merchant to use SLED?)

I think that the gnome-panel could benefit very much from a redesign
that would blend the OSX dock concept with its current UI. Maybe
blending some of gimmie's great ideas with some of SLED's improvements.
Gimmie would need to be implemented in C, though, wouldn't it?

Additionally, Phillip's idea seems to me a good one, but gdesklet may
need to be rethought. It's a bit clunky right now.

Alex, what will the address for the wiki be?


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