Re: New clock applet for 2.22


Le lundi 24 septembre 2007, à 12:23 -0400, Matthias Clasen a écrit :
> Since everybody is making proposals for 2.22, here is my contribution:
> we should merge the clock applet with the intlclock that Novell has written.
> David and I have done some further work on it to support timezone
> setting and weather information, the current status of which you can
> see here:
> This is using new technologies that have appeared lower in the stack,
> like DBus system bus activation and PolicyKit, and can serve as good
> example for how to integrate these into the desktop.
> We want to do some more work on it in the Gnome 2.22/Fedora 9
> timeframe, as is explained on the wiki page.

Calvin Gaisford and I have been discussing this a few weeks ago and
he'll work on getting the two merged. My preference is to use the
current backend code, and import the intltool UI in the clock. I don't
think it will be really hard, although I don't know how much work this
involves. I'm a bit unsatisfied with the UI, though, since it means
having a lot of information in the popup. So usability input would be

The changes you've made look quite interesting.


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