Re: Gnome panel hacking

Hello everyone.

I had to think of a better solution when we want to get maximum width
for the buttons. Because in that case fixed size buttons is not a

And then I got an idea. It's damn easy to respect the fact that you
want larger buttons.

This is what I did :
edit the wnck_tasklist_size_request function in tasklist.c

replace those two lines:
 int max_height = 1;
 int max_width = 1;

 int max_height = 3000;
 int max_width = 3000;

And now each buttons has maximum allocated space. This also fix the
issue of window title name changes.

This is the result with only one window loaded:

This also means we can throw out many lines of code in that function,
but I won't because I really need to understand what everyone wants in
this issue before any real patch.

If any will is not yet fulfilled in this issue then please say so.

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