Re: Proposal: Replace scrollkeeper

On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 06:53:18PM +0100, Don Scorgie wrote:
> * Bug reports should go into the google code bug-tracker [1].  I'll also
> request a product for it for people who don't have /
> want a Google account but want to contribute. [2]

Sorry, but I do not see the point of having bug trackers at multiple
places. It will only confuse things. Either only on GNOME Bugzilla, or
not at all.

> > Also, are you still waiting for admins to create some
> > accounts for you?
> I pretty much gave up.  The bugs are still open [3], but the project has a 
> Google Code page now.  Would be nice to migrate to freedesktop at some point.

Hosting at GNOME would not be a problem. Well, except from appearing to
be a GNOME project. Feel free to request hosting at KDE instead perhaps.


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