Gnome panel hacking

Seems that Vincent Untz is the current maintainer of gnome-panel, so
this should have been directly sent to him.

But the panel is something everyone uses, so I am just sending it here.

I would like to know if the Window List applet still have resizing
problems. It's hard to explain, so I will just post links to a vid[1]
and two screenshots[2] from the vid to show what I mean.

Please tell me if it is fixed in the current gnome-panel applets
version or if any of you still experienced strange behavior. I checked
the bugzilla, but can't find anything related to that.

And currently I'm using the 2.14.3 version which is pretty old.

I hope to fix those issues if they are still there and if I can find
where it comes from.

[1] 10 Mo video (mpeg) which illustrate the "bad" behavior in a gnome
2.14.3 (pretty old)

[2] Two screenshots from the vid are sufficient to illustrate the problem.

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