Re: Gnome panel hacking

I struggle and need some help to understand how to load the applet in
the gnome-panel here.

I have downloaded the code of gnome-panel, and in that case I want to
edit the file located in gnome-panel/applets/wncklet/window-list.c

When done I go to the gnome-panel top directory, and hit ./configure
&& make && make install

Now everything should be compiled. But how god could I verify. How can
I load the freshly compiled applet.

I tried everything I could. I must say I don't understand the whole
connection between the panel and the applets (the bonobo thing).

I understand now that it's useless to replace the panel by the newly
compiled one. This doesn't change where it finds the applets.

I guess I must change some shared object somewhere, but have two problems.

First I'm not sure about what file to change. Is it something like
this /usr/lib/ ?

Then I must say I see no shared object being created by the whole
configure/make/make install procedure out of the source. This scares
me! All I can find is an executable /usr/local/libexec/wnck-applet

I need light. And even god can't help me into this.

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