Re: Gnome panel hacking

On 6/18/07, Diego Escalante Urrelo <diegoe gnome org> wrote:

Main issue with that bug when I checked it was that there's a lot of
discussion that makes aspiring gnome heroes think that they better let
it on current heroes and rock stars hands.

So if you or anyone can put some nice bullet point comment about what
and where to hack this, it would help a lot.

If it were a nice simple bullet point, it'd be easier to fix than to
spend time talking about the fix and hiding behind rocks when the
problem comes up, wouldn't it?  ;-)

That said, I think Havoc already outlined the fix in  And as he said,
it requires some notion of a "natural" size.  Thus, the best way to do
this may be to wait for the results of Mathias Hasselmann's SOC
project and use that.


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