Re: Call for a Gnome Media Center

> I already consider it a bug that f-spot forces ~/Photos on me, if it

Seconded with the various directories.

> becomes the norm to assume that people speak English or even like their
> interface in English I'd have to dig my eyeballs out or something to
> bear the pain.
> There has to be a way to ensure we get proper i18n names on those
> folders.

You just create them with the right name in the first place, and use the
bookmarks to point at the internationalised name. Providing there is a
mechanism for multiple applications to know which bookmark to share (ie
what is a 'music' bookmark) it should all work fine.

ie not

	Photos -> file://home/me/Photographs


	[Mediatype: Photograph]-> "Lluniau"->file://home/fi/Lluniau

and deal in terms of an abstracted 'media type' not the bookmark name.

This has been the case for years but there is a huge resistance from some
folks (mostly English-first speakers). I guess they don't understand
how annoying having random bits of other language on your desktop
is even if there isn't also political baggage associated with that
language (as is often the case).


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