Call for a Gnome Media Center

Hi all,

With the integration of Gnome media shortcut in Totem and Rhythmbox and
appleir driver for Apple Remote, i was able to play with Apple Remote
and rhythmbox.

However, Gnome does not have a kind of media center. What do you think
about such software ?

Gstreamer going mature, it would be very nice to provide a nice
fullscreen app allowing to handle remotly music, video, photo, dvd,
podcast, etc. The problem is : where are the basis for accessing such
media ? We can only rely to rhythmbox to handle music and podcast.
F-spot handle a photos library, but is that part of Gnome (and C# apps
are not wellcome). Neither Rhythmbox nor totem handles video collection.
DVD is handled by users, that's not a matter.

That would be a nice Google SoC :)

Please comment,

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