Re: Proposed module: cheese

> > 4) And as Shaun is mentioning, we need a manual
> there is a bug! ehm somewhere... hmm..
> jaap: should we forward that to the doc team?

I've filed an issue at GNOME GHOP
Let's see if we can get new contributors. If that doesn't work we can
ask GNOME doc team

> 5) vincent needs some more ice to be convinced ;)
> >
> > I think it's better to wait for 2.24
> i dont want to take that decision. but in my opinion its getting close:
> feature freeze is on january 17th. that means we would have to finish
> our feature list by that date. is that possible?
A lot is possible, but realistically I don't know. Problem I set is
that by that time we won't have had widespread testing


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