Re: Dogfood servers now up


Thomas Thurman wrote:
Is there a way to get an account on a test instance such as this one,
for hacking on the Mugshot server?

Not yet. The main practical problem right now is that the test instance is on the same machine as the real instance, which means if we gave you an account you could access real data not just test data.

Of course, maybe I should just figure out how to install all the tools
on Ubuntu (since there are at least two Ubuntu boxes I can test with
at present) and document that-- but I thought I'd ask.

Definitely this is needed and it should be pretty darn easy, I would say the only thing you have to do is repackage that JBoss RPM we have as a .deb. It doesn't have any system dependencies to speak of, it's all platform-independent Java code, so there should be essentially no work involved in doing this.

Or even, you could just install the rpm with alien or rpm2cpio and I'm sure it would work fine. The jboss RPM is just a bunch of files afaik.

Other than that the main requirements are simple and probably already available. The Sun JDK (for now - we expect the recently released 100% open source Java to work in the near future), and some common Java libs like ant and junit.

If you start going through it, just bug someone on IRC as soon as you hit the slightest problem since we can probably tell you the answer much faster than if you spend time trying to figure it out.


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