Re: Dogfood servers now up

On 31/07/07, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> This server is a "test instance" so we can eat our own dogfood, and any
> data on it may be nuked, accidentally leaked due to bugs in the code,
> etc. Generally we deploy to dogfood straight from SVN latest with no
> testing. Please adjust your expectations and behavior accordingly.
> Reporting bugs is good though, that's the point even.

Is there a way to get an account on a test instance such as this one,
for hacking on the Mugshot server? It's a nontrivial thing for me to
get access to a Fedora box where I have permissions to install all the
custom Java and things (or can persuade the admin to); I think I might
have one in mind, but it'll be a while yet. It would be good if there
was a way to test things without this barrier to entry.

Of course, maybe I should just figure out how to install all the tools
on Ubuntu (since there are at least two Ubuntu boxes I can test with
at present) and document that-- but I thought I'd ask.



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