Re: Metacity Compositor


Il giorno mar, 03/10/2006 alle 18.33 -0500, Travis Watkins ha scritto:
> Does compiz work without a 3D card? If not it's worthless as anything
> but a power user addon.

	This is exactly something I was thinking of a couple hours ago. Maybe
compiz should be able to work EVEN WITHOUT the composite extension so
that it may act just like the "boring window manager for the adult in

	Still with all the effort put in compiz and everything else ( AIGLX,
X11 in general... ) the result is that you may now get to install some
random Linux distribution and have a "good chance" to see those thingies
work "out of the box", with the usual xorg.conf hacking. And you *might*
even not miss what you used to do with metacity. I used to have 12
workspaces and left-hand-only keybindings to select them, which is the
thing I'm missing *right now* as well as some wnck-applet integration -
compiz's GNOME integration in general sucks *right now* - and random

	My opinion is that compiz is "a perfectly working toy in my box", which
means that becoming "some window manager that should work basically
fine" might take some time, but if we get to a point where one sees that
he just doesn't notice the difference in configuring metacity or compiz
PLUS all the shinycrazybubblegum and yummygummycube effects ( that one
might even ( want to ) get rid of ), well, I guess that stabilising
everything will be just a matter of time!

	Oh, thanks everyone for the replies on metacity, I wasn't really sure
of what was going on :)


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