Re: release notes: first draft

Today at 1:37, Bob Kashani wrote:

>> I am going to let Bob and Claus finish up with the editing, but I
>> will understand if at GUADEC, any translators want to come up and
>> punch me in the face.

Not really, if we can negotiate a truce. See below. ;)

> In general I think that you've done a really good job. Most of the
> paragraphs are concise and to the point. Not bad for a CS guy. :)
> I also do understand Danilo's, concerns about translators so we will try
> and minimize the changes to make it easier for them.

For any simple spelling, rewording or similar changes which don't
change meaning, can I suggest you use "en" translation for them
(that's what we did last year for some last-minute changes)?
That means translations will stay complete and correct without
spurious needs to update.

Of course, if you do more extensive changes in a paragraph, fix all
the small things as well ;)


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