Re: release notes: first draft

Today at 0:54, Elijah Newren wrote:

> On 3/9/06, Davyd Madeley <davyd madeley id au> wrote:
>> On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 12:27:32AM +0100, Danilo ??egan wrote:
>> > With Gnome 2.12 we were very successful with translation (24
>> > languages!), but notes were finished two weeks before the release,
>> > and stabilised at least a week before release.  I think it looked
>> > really cool on
>> This is basically my fault for sucking really badly. I should stop
>> offering to do things, because I suck.
> No, no, no -- you're a hero for all the work you do.  You've had to
> handle a lot more work (fewer helping out, among other thigns), plus
> we got in the way by not getting the module decisions done in a
> reasonable amount of time.  Sorry about that, btw.
> Thanks for all your rocking work on the release notes.


(...thinking... damn with that "seconded" thing)
Davyd, you really, really are THE PROMOTER of any new Gnome releases.
Your hot previews and work on the release notes is what energizes both
us in/around Gnome, and those just looking at it from the "outside"!

Keep it going :)


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