Re: release notes: first draft

On 3/7/06, James Henstridge <james jamesh id au> wrote:
> Edward Hervey wrote:
> >  revised version 0.3.a-beta-pre25-coma-7:
> >
> >  "Gstreamer 0.10 will also give users the possibility to use, where
> >patents apply, multimedia plugins distributed by 3rd party vendors to
> >offer support for licensed codecs for which no legal plugins are
> >available."
> >
> >  Does that make more clear the *freedom of choice* offered to users ?
> >
> >
> Apart from the freedom issue (which is important), is this actually a
> new feature for Gnome 2.14?  GStreamer 0.8 also used plugins, so surely
> codec vendors had the same ability to offer plugins back then as with 0.10.
> Has anything actually changed here other than a vendor (Fluendo) making
> use of this ability?  If not, then this probably isn't appropriate for
> the release notes.

This issue has been a big, ongoing issue for the linux desktop for
years. It certainly seems appropriate to talk about the results now
that our long-term strategic choices have blossomed.


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