Re: release notes: first draft

Edward Hervey wrote:

>  revised version 0.3.a-beta-pre25-coma-7:
>  "Gstreamer 0.10 will also give users the possibility to use, where
>patents apply, multimedia plugins distributed by 3rd party vendors to
>offer support for licensed codecs for which no legal plugins are
>  Does that make more clear the *freedom of choice* offered to users ?
Apart from the freedom issue (which is important), is this actually a
new feature for Gnome 2.14?  GStreamer 0.8 also used plugins, so surely
codec vendors had the same ability to offer plugins back then as with 0.10.

Has anything actually changed here other than a vendor (Fluendo) making
use of this ability?  If not, then this probably isn't appropriate for
the release notes.


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