Re: release notes: first draft


  I didn't mention any specific country, nor the whole world I just
said "for which no legal plugins are available." which seemed to be
the most neutral way of putting it.\
  I could go on very long about the quality/benifits of licensed and
unlicensed codecs, but I think the strong point here is that it
*allows* both for everybody's benefits (nothing *forces* you to
download/use them AFAIK).


On 3/7/06, Tommi Vainikainen <tvainika niksula cs hut fi> wrote:
> On 2006-03-07T11:34:25+0200, bilboed gmail com wrote:
> > GStreamer 0.10 will also allow users to take advantage of multimedia
> > plugins distributed by 3rd party vendors to offer support for licensed
> > codecs for which no legal plugins are available. These may include
> > support for AC3, WMA, MP3 and more. A licensed, yet freely available,
> > MP3 plugin for GStreamer 0.10 has already been made available by
> > Fluendo, a long-time supporter of GStreamer.
> For me this seems bit U.S. centric. In many countries (even Western
> countries) reverse engineering is allowed. In many more countries
> there are no patents restricting those file formats. Therefore
> codes/plugins are most likely "illegal" only in U.S. and some other
> countries, but not all over the world.
> --
> Tommi Vainikainen

Edward Hervey
Junior developer / Fluendo S.L.

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