Re: release notes: first draft

Hi Davyd,

  Nice work, but I noticed several (typo) mistakes in the GStreamer
section. Here is the proposed fixed/updated section with slight
rewrites to make it easier to read:

 GNOME 2.14 uses the technology of GStreamer 0.10. The GStreamer
multimedia framework is a powerful, pluggable audio and video
framework used on Linux and UNIX desktops as well as in embedded
devices and much more. This latest release series of GStreamer is
faster and more stable than any of the previous versions. Issues like
synchronization of audio and video across different devices have been
addressed, as well as threading and the dynamic handling of multimedia
plugins. You can find out more from the GStreamer website.

All of the multimedia applications that ship with GNOME have been
upgraded to take advantage of the latest GStreamer; including Totem,
Sound Juicer and the volume controls.

GStreamer 0.10 will also allow users to take advantage of multimedia
plugins distributed by 3rd party vendors to offer support for licensed
codecs for which no legal plugins are available. These may include
support for AC3, WMA, MP3 and more. A licensed, yet freely available,
MP3 plugin for GStreamer 0.10 has already been made available by
Fluendo, a long-time supporter of GStreamer.


On 3/6/06, Davyd Madeley <davyd madeley id au> wrote:
> Ok guys and gals. I am announcing a preliminary draft of the release
> notes for 2.14. We now require proof readers for spelling, grammar and
> technical correctness.
> The latest committed version is online at:
> You can also check out the release notes from CVS:
> We are using gnome-doc-utils for translation. I hope the translators
> know how to get all of that working, because I have no idea.
> grammar is also pretty appalling. Please send through corrections for
> these. Feel free to correct minor spelling mistakes yourself.
> Discussion should happen on list as appropriate or on the IRC channel
> #release-notes on
> Addendum:
>  - If anyone knows the status of the LiveCD, that section requires
> updating.
>  - Danilo was meant to be providing the i18n stats page, he said he
> added it, but I can't see where.
>  - Does anyone want to take charge on writing a press release? I am
> willing to raise my hand again if so required.
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