Re: critical warnings; turn them off now?

tir, 07,.03.2006 kl. 15.39 +0000, skrev Bill Haneman: 
> Hi;
> Since we're now in code freeze for 2.14, shouldn't we turn off the 
> critical warnings behavior in gnome-session now?
> There are lots of places where this causes unnecessary crashes, 
> particularly in gail and at-spi.  While we want to fix them eventually, 
> it's made accessibility pretty much DOA in 2.13 so far. 
I think the easy thing would be to branch gnome-session for 2.14.x and
put the change in there. That said, I've been running with a11y enabled
and G_DEBUG=fatal-criticals since it was added and the only app I've
found it necessary to run with G_DEBUG='' is evolution. I've filed a
bunch of bugs for the things that have popped up there and I think most
of the a11y specific ones have been fixed or are under investigation, so
things are definitely improving.

We should definitely continue this through the next cycle and keep it as
the default for every development cycle in the future in my opinion.


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