Re: release notes: first draft

On 2006-03-07T11:34:25+0200, bilboed gmail com wrote:
> GStreamer 0.10 will also allow users to take advantage of multimedia
> plugins distributed by 3rd party vendors to offer support for licensed
> codecs for which no legal plugins are available. These may include
> support for AC3, WMA, MP3 and more. A licensed, yet freely available,
> MP3 plugin for GStreamer 0.10 has already been made available by
> Fluendo, a long-time supporter of GStreamer.

For me this seems bit U.S. centric. In many countries (even Western
countries) reverse engineering is allowed. In many more countries
there are no patents restricting those file formats. Therefore
codes/plugins are most likely "illegal" only in U.S. and some other
countries, but not all over the world.

Tommi Vainikainen

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