Re: Buildability of tarballs and cvs

On 6/18/06, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote:
Yes - shipping build fix patches is a *massive* regression in the release
management process, cf. signature.
    "Basically my philosophy on release management is that it should be
                like police brutality." - Maciej Stachowiak

Well, we'll have to switch back to police brutality then.  :-)  Time
for some beatings...the following issues are still relevant AFAICT:

Problems which don't have patches:
evolution-data-server  324546  e-d-s doesn't work with mozilla 1.8 or
                             firefox 1.5; epiphany & yelp don't work with older
                             mozilla.  We don't want to depend on both
                             (There is a patch but claims nss has to be
                             disabled for e-d-s for it to work)

Problems with patches:
gnome-system-tools     N/A     requires system-tools-backends which require
                             perl bindings to DBus; Carlos said he'd make it
                             optional here:
                             (Frederic Peters has a patch for this)
evolution-data-server  344790  won't find mozilla libraries, causes build
                             breakage in other apps like bug-buddy
gnopernicus            344695  can't find gdkx.h
gnome-mag              344295  checked-in file automatically generated/modified
deskbar-applet         345011  type -> crash (lone non-build issue in this list)

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