Re: Gnome 2.14 default logoff dialog and diskmounter-applet

Rousseau de Pantalon wrote:
> 1.
> The fact that it can see all drives Nautilus can see *is* the problem.
> (My harddrives and their partitions are *not* hot-pluggable -- are your's ?)
> If I want to see *all* my partitions, mounted or not, I'll open the
> Computer Icon.
> An applet such as this should at least filter out harddisk-partitions
> and only show removable (usb) devices.
> Better yet, have a customizable filter on volume-label / id /
> device-name or so.

In fact, it looks like a bug in your side. Here I only have an icon for
my floppy disk (which can't be mounted automatically) and my CD or USB
drive when I put them in... My permanent partitions (and I have several
of those) don't show up.

> 2.
> The user cannot filter the devices / partitions shown.

Does not matter since only the non-permanent ones should be shown. The
icon appears when I plug my USB drive in, or when I put a CD in my CD
drive, and then disappears after unmounting/ejecting it.

> 3.
> All Icons look alike.
> It's just a replica of the Computer Icon.
> One cannot assign icons to distinguish devices.

Once again it looks like a bug. Here (Ubuntu Dapper, Gnome 2.14) I have
a different icon for CD and for floppy.

> ON THE RIGHT is a panel with the pre-2.10 applet representing my:
> - floppy-drive
> - pendrive #1 (floppy-disk-size -- bootable)
> - the 64MB XD card in my printer
> - my 256MB pendrive
> - my other 256 MB pendrive
> - my 750MB zipdisk
> - my DVD-ROM player
> - my DVD-writer
> - my USB 5G mini-harddrive
> - my MP3-player's internal 256MB memory
> - my MP3-players 512MB SD extension

BTW are you sure you don't have all those in your fstab and let
hal/udev/whatever do its job ? It looks weird to me to have that many
different usb drive placeholders...

I guess not. The previous applets had that issue of not being friendly
with this auto-configuration stuff: it wasn't possible to make one show
up when you plug an USB drive. Actually, this works even if you've never
used a USB key before.

Looking at my fstab, I can see I have an entry for my CD-ROM drive, and
for my IDE hard drives. That's all. Not even a line for my floppy, nor
usb drives.

> I propose the following:
> - A filter in which the user can select the mountable devices to be
> shown on the panel.
> - The ability to attach a meaningful (custom) icon that represents the
> device.
> - Falling back to fstab if mounting/unmounting using udev/hotplug does
> not do the trick.
> - Make famd more aware of Nautilus created files/folders like
> .Trash----- and thus not blocking unmounts.

Maybe you should fill it as a bug in bugzilla if you think it's really
useful to some people.


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