Re: Gnome 2.14 default logoff dialog and diskmounter-applet

Rousseau de Pantalon wrote:

> Also, about the Disk Mounter Applet: Please revert to pre-2.10 or rip it
> out.
> This applet contradicts almost all Gnome HIG-guides: to begin with most
> important guideline: being useful.

Well, it actually is, especially when you don't show volume icons on
your desktop (it's more convenient than showing the "network" place to
unmount the volume)

This reminds me of two issues : the impossibility to show *only* the
volume icons (and not the remote location ones, see bug #159245), and
the missing context menu of the places menu (yeah, context menu of menu
sounds weird, but it would be great to be able to unmount a volume by
right-clicking on its entry in the places menu...)

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