Gnome 2.14 default logoff dialog and diskmounter-applet

Dear Gnome Developers,

I experience the 2.14 logoff-dialog as a step back in userfriendlyness versus the 2.10/12 version.
End-users hate decisions.
In 2.10/12 a selection had to be made but once a decision was made this selection was rememberd.

Replacing the radio-buttons with normal push-buttons results in having to choose the desired action each-time on logoff/shutdown.
Step back.
Furthermore the logoff-dialog looks like a normal application dialog and as such misses all attributes to indicate session-logoff or shutdown is requested.
Step back.

Either visually clarify the logoff-dialog like Ubuntu 6.06 or revert to the radio-buttuns.
This is no improvement and I'm sure many more feel like I do.

Also, about the Disk Mounter Applet: Please revert to pre-2.10 or rip it out.
This applet contradicts almost all Gnome HIG-guides: to begin with most important guideline: being useful.
It hurts Gnome's increasing usability at a time where easy management of devices like flash-memory and music-players put-in
much weight on Desktop Experience. Especially for newbies like my grandma.

I installed the pre-2.10 version of the applet made available by John Ellis: Thanx John !

Now for the good news:
I've been using Gnome since version 1.4 and it's coming close to OS/2's WorkplaceShell.
I like it very much.

Thank you for creating Gnome and letting me use it.

Kind regards,
  Rousseau de Pantalon.

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