Re: opening a program with the middle button

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, David Prieto wrote:

> Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 15:51:47 +0200
> From: David Prieto <frandavid100 gmail com>
> To: desktop-devel-list gnome org
> Subject: opening a program with the middle button
> Hi, I have a suggestion I already posted in Ubuntu Launchpad. Here it
> goes:
> First thing I do when I switch on my laptop is open evolution to read my
> e-mails, liferea to get my news feeds and epiphany to browse some
> forums. Not necessarily when switching it on, but overall I usually run
> these programs together.
> As of now, this requires too many clicks - I have to click applications,
> internet, evolution, applications, internet, liferea, applications,
> internet, epiphany.
> It would be so much better if middle-clicking a launcher would launch
> the program, but leave the menu open. Then I would only have to click
> applications, internet, evolution (middle-click), liferea
> (middle-click), epiphany.
> What do you think about it?

Mozilla allows you to bookmark groups and open several pages at once.
Perhaps we need a way to create a launcher which launches more than one
program?  (I guess you could do that using a script.)

Alternatively you could either set those programs to automatically
start every session, or more easily save your session on logout so it
comes back up the same when you login.  I've done similar things this way
in the past.

Alan H.

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