Re: opening a program with the middle button

I'm sorry, I replied to Calum instead of sending my mail to the list:


        > I suppose it would be harmless enough, although the HIG does
        say you
        > shouldn't have features that you can only perform with the
        middle mouse
        > button, as not everyone has one.

Well, in Nautilus for example you can open a folder while closing its
folder if you double-click on it with your middle button OR if you

Why not do the same here? Users without a middle button could just use
shift+left-click as a replacement.

        > In the interests of trying to understand the user requirement
        a bit
        > better, could you explain why you'd rather have this than just
        > three launchers to your panel, or creating a launcher that
        runs all
        > three apps together, or saving your session so that those
        three apps are
        > always run when you log in?

Well, those are quite subjective reasons but I don't like launchers on
the panel, aesthetically. Besides, I use only one panel and space is
scarce on it. Creating a launcher for all three programs would not be
very useful since I could want to launch just two of them (epi could be
already open), or I could want to launch amule too. It's just not
flexible. About setting them to launch when logging in, I already said
it in my first message: I could just be somewhere else and yet be logged
in, maybe because amule is running. Then I could get to the computer and
want to read the forums, get my mails... you get the point.

I know my reasons could be minor for some, but well, they're good for

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