Re: Special folders in gnome

On Sad, 2006-01-14 at 04:43 +0800, Abel Cheung wrote:
> About translating on-disk folder name, is there an assumption that
> users either know exactly 1 native language, or bilingual with english
> as 2nd language? How about those who are bilingual in 2 non-english
> languages or those using 3rd locale occasionally?

If we assume that people first log in using their base language then you
can set a gconf key and leave it at that. I guess if the login is in a
new language you can prompt during session init for a rename.

Having two nautiluses (nautilii ?) running at once in different
languages is going to get silly otherwise, as is having multiple
applications in different languages (which isn't uncommon because
multi-lingual users often prefer to do certain tasks in certain

Or you make them all symlinks and hide all but the right one for the
language so that applications all still 'just work'

OTOH a virtual name works all the time but breaks everything but gnome


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