Re: Special folders in gnome

fre 2006-01-13 klockan 11:37 +0100 skrev Murray Cumming:
> On Fri, 2006-01-13 at 21:29 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > <quote who="Mattias Eriksson">
> > 
> > > I know that this have been discussed in the past, but no solution was
> > > reached then. I hope it will be different this time.
> > 
> > I strongly agree that we need a solution for this (something GConf defined
> > would be perfect for desktop/network administrators). Let's do it for 2.16?
> Why do we need to tranlate the on-disk folder name of Templates if we
> don't need to translate the folder names of home, bin, and all of the
> bash commands? Why isn't it good enough to translate it in the user
> interface?

Not translating the on disk folder will result in a strange behavior for
users of both gnome and non-gnome applications. For those users the
folder name would be in english in one application and in their native
language in another application (but still being the same folder). Using
gconf-keys and translating the on disk folder instead solves this
problem. The downside is that non gnome applications might not then be
aware that the folder is special, but at least it will display it right.


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