Re: Special folders in gnome

On 1/13/06, Mattias Eriksson <snaggen acc umu se> wrote:
> Not translating the on disk folder will result in a strange behavior for
> users of both gnome and non-gnome applications. For those users the
> folder name would be in english in one application and in their native
> language in another application (but still being the same folder). Using

About translating on-disk folder name, is there an assumption that
users either know exactly 1 native language, or bilingual with english
as 2nd language? How about those who are bilingual in 2 non-english
languages or those using 3rd locale occasionally?


> gconf-keys and translating the on disk folder instead solves this
> problem. The downside is that non gnome applications might not then be
> aware that the folder is special, but at least it will display it right.
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