Re: gnome-screensaver


Le jeudi 16 f�ier 2006 �9:47 -0500, William Jon McCann a �it :
>    + gnome-power-manager: people like it, but some mor work is needed,
>      and more integration should be done. It won't go in for 2.14, but
>      we'd like to see a good integration work starting soon for 2.16.
> I submit that unless such a decision points to specific feature, 
> robustness, or integration bugs it lacks validity.  Think of it this 
> way: how is Richard supposed to know what to work on - or what if these 
> can all be fixed within the day?  This is one reason why we have the 
> same discussions every release cycle.
> Let me address the primary concern that was given - lack of integration. 
>   It is precisely because gnome-power-manager is well integrated that we 
> are now having a discussion about whether gnome-screensaver should be 
> excluded from GNOME 2.14 simply because it is well integrated with 
> gnome-power-manager.

So, my personal concern about gnome-power-manager is lack of
integration. What does it mean? gnome-power-manager provides a nice
notification area icon. What is its relation to the battery status
applet? It makes no sense to have both. This is a (big) integration
issue, IMHO.

There were also some notes that g-p-m depends on latest HAL and kernel.
This might not be an option for everyone (especially the latest kernel).

Now, don't get me wrong: I really want to see g-p-m go in. I'll be glad
to use it on my laptop since my distribution is shipping it. Not being
in the desktop should not be the end of the world for g-p-m, and I don't
think it is (I'm using tons of rocking programs that are not in the


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