Re: Replacing control center menus

Le mardi 12 décembre 2006 à 17:33 +0000, Thomas Wood a écrit :
> >   But even if we can't get away from a multitude of capplets, there's an
> > alternative solution: add an extra level of preferences "categories", as
> > we do for the applications menu.
> Four clicks to get to a preference window? Sounds a bit excessive.

With a shell window, that makes even more.

> We had the discussion about the number of capplets already on the 
> control center list. It was generally agreed that it would be nice to 
> merge some of them, but (as far as I know) all except one of the 
> suggestions had problems. And after that, the biggest issue is finding 
> some developers with enough time to actually do the work.

Well, some of them already have enough time to write a shell to handle
them :)

More seriously, merging some capplets is badly needed in all cases. Some
of them simply need to be removed from the menu: gstreamer-properties,
cddb-slave2-properties, background-properties, gdmphotosetup,

For others, it is hard to justify, from a user POV, to have separate
capplets for keyboard, mouse, keyboard accessibility and keyboard
shortcuts. Same for sound-properties and gstreamer-properties. Or for
the screensaver and gnome-power-manager capplets. Or for all
interface-related capplets: metacity, fonts, menus&toolbars.

I'm not saying this is easy, especially for those coming from different
modules, but this would reduce the current number from 24 to 12. Which
is quite an acceptable number.

Josselin Mouette                /\./\

"Do you have any more insane proposals for me?"

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