Re: Don't mess with our brand [Was: 'GNOME', 'Gnome']

On 4/27/06, John Williams <john williams lists gmail com> wrote:
> If GNOME is
> the GNU Network Object Model Environment (a name that was chosen, I am
> absolutely positive, because it spells out "gnome" when made into an
> acronym; but for no other reason)

Like it would matter.

> why not call it "GDE" instead?  (GNU
> Desktop Environment), or, to avoid confusion with KDE, GNE (GNU Network
> Environment)?

Why not take a time machine back to the beginning and suggest that
when it was still trivial and worth doing?-)

GDE would be terrible and GNE would be even worse (and I'm absolutely
positive it was suggested only because when spelled out in english it
forms something resembling but not completely unlike "genie").
Personal opinions of course.

> It is my view that GNOME would easily survive a brand-name change.

But the developers would not survive the workload that it would
genrate, even if there was a reason to change it...

>  The
> very fact that we have changed the name (if we do!) may even generate so
> much publicity and interest that the project will be re-vitalised.

GNOME is suffering from lack of interest? Wha?-)

I think this whole discussion is silly and truly hope that GNOME will
be GNOME in the future too (and not some trend-chasing project that
changes name every decade just to keep it hip and market-friendly).

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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