'GNOME', 'Gnome' [Was: Gnome 2]

<quote who="Alan Horkan">

> > [1] I'm going to beat up on you until you start writing 'GNOME'
> > correctly!
> We know you like Gnome but there is no need to shout.
> Okay if it is an acronym then the only correct way to write it is
> G.N.O.M.E.

That is absolutely incorrect - read any modern style guide to confirm.

If we're incapable of getting it right within the project, then it's highly
unlikely that anyone outside the project is going to get it right either. I
am asking for consistency, and at the moment our project is called 'GNOME'.

I will strongly oppose any suggestion that we move to 'Gnome', because then
there will be nothing in between our name and the name of short bearded men
who wear red caps and gather in gardens (or interpretations that are worse).
That is *not* a good message, it is not a good association, and by breaking
down the slim barrier in between, we're encouraging people to make that
mental leap.

I would more readily support an entirely new name.

So, you - or I - may not like it, but our project is 'GNOME', not 'Gnome'
and we do not need any more inconsistency.

- Jeff

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