Re: Gnome 2 infinity and beyond [was Re: Tango and 2.16]

<quote who="Elijah Newren">

> I kind of like the idea of referring to the minor and micro version number
> of Gnome as its version number.  The 2 is understood (by the developers)
> and people tend to call e.g. "2.14" a major release anyway, so we might as
> well call our next version "Gnome 16" publically.  But, I doubt most would
> agree...

It introduces a problem with the odd minor number semantics, but that might
be solvable [1]. It also begs the question... "What happens when we do bump
the major number?" Start the next series at 3.20? That's not totally crazy.

Though I made a joke about it in 2004, I don't think it's a terrible idea.
But it should be well thought out before we do it.

- Jeff

[1] <danw> we're clever. we'd think of something.

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